onsdag 10 augusti 2022

Red throated diver,,

Some photos from this years expedition to "Knuthöjdsmossen" - the land of the red throated diver. A large bog where the divers have a peaceful place for nesting. Just walking around and look at the surroundings is enough actually but this time I also photographed the beautiful birds. This time it was just a short visit during daytime. 
Many thanks for your comments on my last blog. I still have difficulties making comments, but I sometimes manage to leave a note anonymously on your blogs.

onsdag 27 juli 2022

Osprey part II,,

More from my photo tour to the "land of Osprey" in the middle part of Sweden. Hope you enjoy my pics.....


måndag 18 juli 2022


From "my" summer meadow...the caring mother....and the deer kid. The kid has now lost it spots in the fur. It is growing fast now but still dependent on its mother.

And I am the king (below)....he is on his peak now this year. He is great and in good shape. He will see to that his genes will be in next years kid. Hope he will survive the hunters in August.


tisdag 12 juli 2022


No words, just a "dancing" fox in the bright summer night .....:)


tisdag 5 juli 2022

Osprey part I,,

Many thanks all bloggfriends for nice comments ! Regretfully, I am still not able to make comments on your bloggs.....

Have been on a photo trip to the central parts of Sweden. Got the opportunity to join a photo safari to get in close contact with the osprey. It was a successful trip with many photos to take home on the memory card... I will post some pictures here now......and more to come......
The claws are huge and terrifying when the osprey dives towards the prey....In many cases the bird is completely below the water surface and then "fights" up to the surface and flies away with the prey....

Here the osprey has fought its way to the surface and gained air under its wings and can fly away with the fish. Most of the time it succeeds ...but it actually happens that it can not lift because the fish is too heavy. It has happened that the osprey has drowned because the fish has pulled the osprey under water.....

The chicks are big now and demand a lots of food. Here below the osprey lands in the nest with the catch in its claws......!

torsdag 23 juni 2022

Nature´s nursery,,

I was lucky to stumble over these charming couple yesterday evening. Lucky for me the camera was ready:)  Many things happens in the nature these time of the year.....

The other day I saw an osprey catching a big fish. Unfortunately at a very long distance. I hope to get more chances next week,,,,,

onsdag 11 maj 2022


Hello all blogfriends. I have not forgotten you or my blog, but it is "impossible" for me to make comments on your blogs including my own.... Sometimes it might work if I "restart" blogger but that is impossible to do for every comment I would like to make on each and other blogs. So I will post here now and then as long as it works..... Wish you all a nice spring with lots of photos.