torsdag 23 juni 2022

Nature´s nursery,,

I was lucky to stumble over these charming couple yesterday evening. Lucky for me the camera was ready:)  Many things happens in the nature these time of the year.....

The other day I saw an osprey catching a big fish. Unfortunately at a very long distance. I hope to get more chances next week,,,,,

onsdag 11 maj 2022


Hello all blogfriends. I have not forgotten you or my blog, but it is "impossible" for me to make comments on your blogs including my own.... Sometimes it might work if I "restart" blogger but that is impossible to do for every comment I would like to make on each and other blogs. So I will post here now and then as long as it works..... Wish you all a nice spring with lots of photos.


lördag 2 april 2022

Eagle owl,,

I have still problems with my blog, making comments and visiting blog friends...Therefore it hasn't been so many posts recently. I will try this one now, since I had a challenging meeting the other day. Not often this powerful bird appears in front of your lens....

torsdag 3 februari 2022

Painting with the camera,,

The other day was really stormy here on the west coast. The first two images are taken with "normal" shutter speed.....the last three are taken with long shutter speed .....
Painting with my camera.....


fredag 14 januari 2022


Some "wintry" pictures taken during the last months...Different light and snow conditions...

måndag 29 november 2021

No comments,,

Many thanks all friends for your nice comments on my blog. Unfortunately I can not make comments on your blogs in return. After the latest OS update on my Mac the function to make comments on blogs (even on my own) "disappeared". I don't know what´s happened but in the meantime I will continue reading your posts and try to solve the problem.....
The photos are taken in August and shows the Gavia stellata.


tisdag 16 november 2021


A post from the Autumn months. First below two photos of the egret, a very seldom visitor in my part of the world. From long distance but never the less a nice bird. The first time for me.

 Photos below from early morning in my home area, Gullmarsfjorden. A couple of swans in the daybreak and early rising sun.

Photos below from my small bird feeding in the garden. Different lighting conditions......

.....and a guest from the forrest nearby.....very interested in getting to know the bird guests better.....

And the last photos below from a November early foggy morning....and last a colourfull autumn picture from the birch woods.