torsdag 26 maj 2011


The beech woods, my own little oasis. Here I can contemplate, think, clear my mind, solve problems, and of course take some photos !
I often take my running trips around this area, following the road through the beech woods. If I am lucky I can even see the Eagle owl....:)) and even photograh it!!

In the autumn you see the spectacular colours, and now in the spring the ethereal verdure (I think it is called this in english - den skira grönskan på svenska). In spring you here all the birds, busy making plans for the "familybuilding". In the autum I sneek through down to the fjord Gullmarn to photograph swans and others in the foggy lights...

Have a nice weekend !

lördag 21 maj 2011

Willow warbler,,

Willow warbler. Usually it arrives in early May, but this year allready in the last part of April. The tiny birds  melancholy and delicate song is very beautiful and very welcome.

I wish you alla a nice weekend !!

söndag 15 maj 2011

The toughest,,

The pied flycatcher is a tough bird...And a little bit "lazy". He arrives rather late, to my home district in the beginning of May.
All the "apartements" are allready occupied when he comes. What to do ? Just kick the other tenants out and take over the apartement !! The previous tenants are fighting back off course, but the flycatcher allways win this battle...He´s the toughest - "tougher than the rest.." 

lördag 7 maj 2011


Blooming....This year a little bit earlier than previous seasons....The whole tree is covered with flowers.... Now, just looking forward to the sweet fruits, eating direct from the tree, climbing high...:)) ....and it´s a fight, between me and the birds....Are the fruits mine or theirs....:)) Have a nice weekend!!