tisdag 29 september 2020

Over the hills,,

The sun is rising on a september morning. The mist is still in the lower parts of the country. The sun is coloring the landscape in ocher .....Thats my time of the day :)

When first the rays of sunlight pierced the clouds...... then all at once the world gets bright....


tisdag 22 september 2020

Wilderness in the morning,,

 Awesome meetings on my morning adventure. I've written many times that the autumn mornings are the best time of the year....:) 
Every morning offers new oppurtunities. Roe deer and moose in the morning mist. 


tisdag 15 september 2020

Ståtligt möte,,

Ett fint och ståtligt möte i tidiga morgonen. En 10-taggare möter man inte varje dag i mina trakter !

....och i andra kanten bryter solen igenom......


onsdag 9 september 2020

Misty morning August 2020,,

Fantastic time the mornings in autumn... When you manage to get out of bed and go out in nature during this time of year you sometimes get rewarded. Late in August these images came to me,,

When the roedeer started off I managed to press the shutterbotton just before it jumped. Sometimes you are lucky to catch the right moment. 
The "wild Horse" is not so wild but very beautiful black and white colored and against the misty background it was effectfull.
Three roedeer in the distance, far away, taken with the 500 mm f/4 and also cropped. 

torsdag 3 september 2020

Fisherman´s friend,,

August, early morning. I was out trying to photo elks and roedeers in the morning mist. When I reached the sea a fisherman was out in the golden water. I was lucky I came on the exact right time to catch the golden light and the fisherman bathing in it. Sometimes you are very lucky.....

The photo below is over a meadow and a bird is flying low over it (sparrow hawk ?). But when I came home and looked in the computer I saw the bird, clear sharp, in the right upper corner :-)) I didn't notice the bird until I came home !  NB: You have to click on the image to enlarge !!