måndag 23 januari 2023

Hösten i bokskogen,,

Några bilder från en fin hösttur i bokskogen. Bilderna skulle varit publicerade på bloggen tidigare men blev "bortglömda". Nu "hittade" jag dem. Bokskogen är en vacker plats i min närhet så det blir många turer dit under året....under alla årstider.
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On these bloggs I cannot write comments at all: Jesús, Ana, Anita, Loes, Corrie, Marco Alpha, Inger and David.

For those of you who have a "pop up" window for comments (for example Antonio and Babzy)  I can write as "Lasse" as in the "old days" when blogger and my computer were compatible.....Sorry for this but this is the explanation why you don't see my comments on your bloggs.....


måndag 9 januari 2023

Unexpected guests,,

During December I had visitors at the small bird feeding that really shouldn't be here at all. A flock of starlings, I counted to at least 50 individuals..... Starlings should not be here now. We had deep snow and it was really cold with at least -10 C.  They were hungry, of course,  and they ate everything so it was nothing left to "my small birds"........  During there stay it offered lots of photo opportunities !!!


tisdag 20 december 2022

Merry Christmas,,

I wish you all a Merry Christmas with some action photos from the small bird feeding. 
Here are a series of pics with Blackbirds struggling and fighting,,


onsdag 30 november 2022

Wow, wildelife at home,,

These photos are taken a late evening in October. High ISO so it seems brighter than it was.......


fredag 9 september 2022

Wildlife morning,,

One misty early morning in September. Not often you see such a proud and stately elk in my part of the world......and when the sun crawls up over the hills it brings a golden light to the nature and that I do love the most....


måndag 22 augusti 2022

Harbour seals,,

Outside Lysekil on the swedish west coast. Been to a "seal-safari" in order to see harbour seals. We were lucky to see many, many....sunbathing on the rocks in the outer archipelago. Some photos below. 

And... many thanks for your comments, I don't know but blogger do not work appropriately for the moment. I think you have the same experience ?


onsdag 10 augusti 2022

Red throated diver,,

Some photos from this years expedition to "Knuthöjdsmossen" - the land of the red throated diver. A large bog where the divers have a peaceful place for nesting. Just walking around and look at the surroundings is enough actually but this time I also photographed the beautiful birds. This time it was just a short visit during daytime. 
Many thanks for your comments on my last blog. I still have difficulties making comments, but I sometimes manage to leave a note anonymously on your blogs.