måndag 29 november 2021

No comments,,

Many thanks all friends for your nice comments on my blog. Unfortunately I can not make comments on your blogs in return. After the latest OS update on my Mac the function to make comments on blogs (even on my own) "disappeared". I don't know what´s happened but in the meantime I will continue reading your posts and try to solve the problem.....
The photos are taken in August and shows the Gavia stellata.


tisdag 16 november 2021


A post from the Autumn months. First below two photos of the egret, a very seldom visitor in my part of the world. From long distance but never the less a nice bird. The first time for me.

 Photos below from early morning in my home area, Gullmarsfjorden. A couple of swans in the daybreak and early rising sun.

Photos below from my small bird feeding in the garden. Different lighting conditions......

.....and a guest from the forrest nearby.....very interested in getting to know the bird guests better.....

And the last photos below from a November early foggy morning....and last a colourfull autumn picture from the birch woods.