tisdag 16 november 2021


A post from the Autumn months. First below two photos of the egret, a very seldom visitor in my part of the world. From long distance but never the less a nice bird. The first time for me.

 Photos below from early morning in my home area, Gullmarsfjorden. A couple of swans in the daybreak and early rising sun.

Photos below from my small bird feeding in the garden. Different lighting conditions......

.....and a guest from the forrest nearby.....very interested in getting to know the bird guests better.....

And the last photos below from a November early foggy morning....and last a colourfull autumn picture from the birch woods.

17 kommentarer:

  1. What a bautiful series, Lasse. My favourite shot is number 6 (the bird on its own), followed by 8 and 9! That fox is really cute too!
    You are still getting wonderful autumn colours!

  2. Hello Lasse,:=) That last shot of the forest in Autumn splendour is so beautiful, but it doesn't take away from your early morning captures, the mist, the long distance shots, the Nuthatch, other birds, and the fox. I enjoyed them all.:=)

  3. Fabulosa serie jugando con la intensidad de la luz y el efecto del paso de las estaciones climáticas.
    Un abrazo y cuidate.

  4. Hello Lasse
    the deciduous forest looks breathtakingly beautiful, what colors nature brings out, just great and to be enjoyed
    Greetings Frank

  5. Hi Lasse,
    This is a wonderful series of photos.
    My favorite is the photo with fog and the autumn colors.
    Greetings Irma

  6. Hello Lasse,
    Great pictures. Wonderful with the warm colors on 6 and 9. Nice the autumn leaves on the last picture.

    Greetings, Marco

  7. Hi Lasse,
    this impression of autumn is really very beautiful. Nice that you also spotted the egret there and that is indeed special. Beautiful autumn colors and atmospheric images.

    Regards, Helma

  8. Tunnelmallinen sumumaisema ja upea syksyn väritys puissa. Kaunista!

  9. Hi Lasse,
    No doubt about it: it is autumn. I like the colours and the atmosphere the pictures are breathing. You captured the birds during their flight quite well.
    Greetings, Kees

  10. Hallo Lasse,

    Ik had er geen idee van dat de grote zilverreiger daar nog een bijzonderheid is, hier komt hij inmiddels veelvuldig voor. Prachtige sfeerbeelden heb je weer weten te maken bij de zwanen. Het is altijd leuk en een uitdaging om vliegende vogels te fotograferen, prima gelukt.


  11. Hello Lasse!!!..Very beautiful and varied images ... happy weekend

  12. Fin serie av fugler og dyr i høstsola, du var heldig som fikk se egret-hegren, den er også observert her i vårt distrikt.
    Nest siste bilde er superb!

  13. Wow interesting serie ! Beautiful part of your world🙂

  14. Så fine bilder!Jeg elsker slike dimmiga bilder fra en morgen stund
    Heftigt at du fikk med den lile rødreven !


  15. Hi Lasse,
    Congrets with your first Egret there!
    Beautiful inmages, love them all!
    Happy weekend,

    (I"m a bit behind with reading Posts...Iam catching up now ':-)