onsdag 27 juli 2022

Osprey part II,,

More from my photo tour to the "land of Osprey" in the middle part of Sweden. Hope you enjoy my pics.....


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Mike Attwood sa...

Superb series of the osprey, Wonderful.Take care.

Lasse sa...

Thanks very much Mike. Glad you liked my photos !

Irma sa...

These are beautiful pictures Lasse.
You might want to try responding anonymously and mention your name as many people don't allow anonymous comments.
Greetings Irma

David M. Gascoigne, sa...

It's always exciting to see an Osprey plunge into water and come up with a fish, and to get a picture makes it even sweeter.

Lasse sa...

Hi Irma, Thanks very much. I will try to respond anonymously
but I think even that is not possible for me. If you have a pop up window for comments (like these on my blog) it will work.

Hi David and many thanks for nice comments. I totally agree that it is a great experience to get close to the osprey and watch the plunge into the water!!

sami niilola sa...

A great "fisherman". Great photos.

Lasse sa...

Thanks Sami for stoping by and commenting !

Maria sa...

Hi Lasse,
WOW, great encounter and stunning images !!


Anonym sa...

Hi Maria, thanks very much👍

www.Loes-willebrand.blogspot.nl sa...

Hoi Lasse.
'N geweldige vogel en super mooie opnames, helaas dit jaar nog niet gezien maar vorig jaar wel in Vlaardingen de Broekpolder waar hij 'n aantal dagen verbleef.
Groetjes Loes

Lasse sa...

Hi Loes,
Hope you get a chance to see the mighty osprey even this year.
I assume it will stop in the NL on its way to Africa.
Thanks for stoping here and commenting !

KeesvanD sa...

Hi Lasse,
Spectacular actions and lucky for you also spectacular pictures. It must have been great to observe this.
Greetings, Kees

Lasse sa...

Hi Kees,
Thanks for commenting ! Yes it sure was a great experience.
I see the osprey now and then here where I live, but always at a long distance.
This adventure was something totally different.

Germán Ibarra Zorrilla sa...

Una secuencia espectacular, todas las fotos son extraordinarias. Lasse enhorabuena por este magnífico trabajo, un abrazo desde el norte de España.

Lasse sa...

Hi Germán,
Thanks and glad you liked my photos. Hugs from Sweden,

advanduren sa...

Prachtige foto's van deze duikende visarend Lasse, knap fotografiewerk.


Lasse sa...

Hello Ad, Many thanks !