onsdag 30 november 2022

Wow, wildelife at home,,

These photos are taken a late evening in October. High ISO so it seems brighter than it was.......


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Irma sa...

Hi Lasse,
What beautiful pictures of the moose these are.
Greetings Irma

Sandra sa...

MKoose on the run! I like the autumn colours in the background.
Wishing you a beautiful month of December, Lasse!

Jesús Castellano sa...

Bonitas imágenes, Lass.


Anita sa...

Vakkre stemningsfulle bilder fra deg!

sami niilola sa...

A moose is an awesome animal.

www.Loes-willebrand.blogspot.nl sa...

Hoi Lasse.
Mooi om deze Elanden voor je lens te krijgen .
Groetjes Loes

KeesvanD sa...

Hi Lasse,
Typical for Scandinavia. Great to see the elks running in the fields. You know of course that in the autumn drivers must be very careful when the rut season is going on. Elks can cross the streets without paying attention to the traffic. They are absolutely impressive animals.
Greetings, Kees

waldlaeufer68 Frank Scholtyssek sa...

Hello Lasse
with such a motif you simply have to give everything to get a picture, weak and bad light accompanies us all but you still managed it very well
Greetings Frank

Lasse sa...

Good morning everyone and many thanks for your comments and feedback !
I have not been so active on blogger lately, I'm sorry for that, but since it is
difficult to make comments on other blogs I have "stepped back" a little :)

Not been out with the camera so often either so it has become "natural" to step back.

All the best to all of you bloggfriends !

advanduren sa...

Hallo Lasse,

Wat een indrukwekkende beesten die elanden. Ik dacht altijd dat het al bijzonder was als je er in Skandinavie eentje te zien kreeg, maar jij spotte en fotografeerde er hier zowaar drie. Prachtige waarneming en foto's.


Ottars fotoblogg sa...

Alltid gøy å se bilder av den mektige elgen. Fine bilder!


Maria sa...

Hi Lasse,
Fantastic shots!