lördag 10 februari 2024

Wintry action,,

En vintrig rapsody med actionbilder från fågelmatningen. Januari har bjudit på snö och kallt väder och mycket aktivitet vid min fågelmatning. Ibland rinner sinnet över på fåglarna och det gör en fågelfotograf glad ;) Har ni tänkt på det att det är mest deras egen art som jagas, alltså koltrastarna jagar bort sin egen art men låter talgoxar och blåmesar vara i fred. 


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Mike Attwood sa...

Your feeding certainly creates a lot of activity. Keep it going Lasse, you are doing your bit for nature.

Lasse sa...

Thank you Mike, I do a little bit for my small friends and in return I sometimes
get some photos ;)
Greetings Lasse

Irma sa...

Hello Lasse,
Great series of photos of the blackbirds.
Photos 2, 3 and 4 are my favorites.
Greetings Irma

Gumer Paz sa...

Vilken behärskning du har för fågelfotografering! Några vackra bilder, de verkar dansa i luften. De är som om de poserar för dig.
Hälsningar :)

David M. Gascoigne, sa...

Your pictures reveal that there is nothing “ordinary” about the ordinary movements of birds as they go about their lives. Every movement is a symphony of perfection and your masterful photography captures it so well, Lasse.

Antonio Rodriguez sa...

Excelentes imagenes, Lasse. Me encanta las de la disputa de los mirlos. No sabeis la suerte que tenéis por las nevadas. Por estás latitudes ni siquiera lluvias.
Un abrazo.

waldlaeufer68 Frank Scholtyssek sa...

Hello Lasse
nice action, you captured the light particularly well and it really goes well with the plumage.
Greetings Frank

Caroline sa...

Beautiful action photos of the birds Lasse. Have a nice sunday !

www.Loes-willebrand.blogspot.nl sa...

Hoi Lasse.
Je hebt ze mooi gefotografeerd met heel mooi licht en het opspattende sneeuw geeft altijd 'n mooi effect.
Groetjes Loes

isabella kramer - veredit sa...

WOW!! Such lovely backlight shots!

Best regards Lasse.


Anonym sa...

Many thanks Irma😊 Glad you liked my photos in the snow👍

Anonym sa...

Tusen tack ! 👍

Anonym sa...

Thank you so much Isabella👍

Anonym sa...

Thank you David, very well described the life of the birds👍 I enjoy when they ”fight” around the feeder, but generally it looks worse then it is.

Anonym sa...

Many thanks Antonio for kind words👍

Anonym sa...

Thank you Frank, glad you liked my images👍

Anonym sa...

Thanks very much Caroline😊👍

Anonym sa...

Thank you Loes, the snow can be really nice sometimes👍😊

Maria sa...

Hi Lasse,
Beautiful photos en nice movements in the snow !
I like it very much!
But...in my garden the blackbirds even want to chase me away!!

Lasse sa...

Hi Maria, Thanks for that comment and report from your garden.
Take care and watch out for the blackbirds ;))
Greetings Lasse

advanduren sa...

Hi Lasse,

Prachtige actiebeelden van je tuinvogels, ik vind vooral de foto's 3 en 4 schitterend, wat een heerlijk licht had je daar ook. Ik ben met iets soortgelijks, maar dan met staartmezen.


Lasse sa...

Good morning Ad,,
Thank you ove rmuch. Yes it was marvelous light conditions that morning.
I have the uppgoing sun right in front so the snowy powder appears very clearly.
Have a nice week ahead,

Shiju Sugunan sa...

The photos capture the action so beautifully. Exquisite photography!

Lasse sa...

Many thanks Shiju ! Welcome back,
Greetings Lasse

Breathtaking sa...

Hello Lasse :=)
As I scrolled down looking at your artistic photography I was thinking that I don't know anyone who takes photos like you do. Love all the action, beauty, and even humour in your captures,I actually LOL at the Blackbird in image number five. :=) Isn't it strange that we see the same kind of birds!
All the best
Take care

Lasse sa...

Hi Sonjia,
Thank you so much for nice words. Really glad that you liked my photos!
.....and the blackbirds could be really "angry" and if you have snowy conditions
you might get the snow spray which I was lucky to get here.
...and it is sure strange that we see the same birds down in the south by you.
Nature is great,
Take care you too,

KeesvanD sa...

Hi Lasse,
These are the moments I misssed with us during the time that it was supposed to be winter. Hardly any snow, hardly a picture of winterconditions. You were the lucky one. You have chosen your moments well, resulting in beautful pictures. A great winter atmosphere.
Greetings, Kees

Lasse sa...

Hi Kees,
Thanks very much, yes I was lucky this year to have cold and snowy conditions.
My feeding gave many opportunites ta take "winter action". Hope you'll get the chance
later on ;)
Greetings Lasse

Laura. M sa...

Una serie magnífica. Pilladas en pleno vuelo.

Lasse El granito del convento puede ser de la zona de Salamanca. Hay muchos pueblos con canteras.
Gracias por tu visita.
Un abrazo.

Lasse sa...

Hi Laura,
Welcome to my blog. Thanks for comment and
info about the granite.
Hugs Lasse

JR sa...

Hello Lasse.
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my last post.
I am very pleased to see these beautiful action shots.
I've created a link to yours on my blog.
Best regards,

Lasse sa...

Hi JR,
Many thanks for your comment and visit.
Welcome back,
Greetings Lasse

Rajani Rehana sa...

Beautiful blog

Lasse sa...

Thanks a lot Rajani !

Susanna Hietanen sa...

Vackra bilder och vackert ljus.

Härlig februari!

Lasse sa...

Tusen tack Susanna ! Ja det var fint ljus
vid många tillfällen nu under vintern,,
Hälsningar Lasse