måndag 23 januari 2023

Hösten i bokskogen,,

Några bilder från en fin hösttur i bokskogen. Bilderna skulle varit publicerade på bloggen tidigare men blev "bortglömda". Nu "hittade" jag dem. Bokskogen är en vacker plats i min närhet så det blir många turer dit under året....under alla årstider.
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On these bloggs I cannot write comments at all: Jesús, Ana, Anita, Loes, Corrie, Marco Alpha, Inger and David.

For those of you who have a "pop up" window for comments (for example Antonio and Babzy)  I can write as "Lasse" as in the "old days" when blogger and my computer were compatible.....Sorry for this but this is the explanation why you don't see my comments on your bloggs.....


9 kommentarer:

Irma sa...

These are beautiful fall photos Lasse.
I enjoyed it.
Greetings Irma

Breathtaking sa...

Hello Lasse := your photos of the Beech forest are all truly beautiful. The colours are wonderful.

Antonio Rodriguez sa...

Preciosas, el otoño en su máximo esplendor. Una delicia poder pasear por ese bosque.
Una abrazo.

Anita sa...

Beautiful photoes Lasse!Dont mind the comments..Blogger is terrible nowadays,(I struggle alot publishing with the new model)still wonder to quit and find a new place..
We long for summer and spring!
Thanx for sharing!

waldlaeufer68 Frank Scholtyssek sa...

Hello Lasse
autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons with great colors and sunsets.. but now spring is coming and nature is starting again... nice pictures
Greetings Frank

www.Loes-willebrand.blogspot.nl sa...

Hoi Lasse.
Mooie herfstopnames, in de herfst is het altijd 'n mooie tijd om te fotograferen vooral de mooie kleuren van de bladeren.
Groetjes Loes

Anaximandro sa...

Maravillosos paisajes otoñales. Un paseo mágico.
Un abrazo.

Lasse sa...

Hi everybody and many thanks for your visit and comments !

KeesvanD sa...

Hi Lasse,
The pictures could have been taken in the Netherlands. I know places that look almost the same as the ones you photographed.
Obviously I belong to the lucky ones that can receive your "anonymous" reaction.
Greetings, Kees